Manage all your digital files — on your own server.

Blobs note taking app screenshot

Blobs is a self-hosted note taking web application.
All your data is stored and indexed locally.

You keep the control

Store your data on your own server, or store it encrypted on your own Amazon S3 bucket.

Blobs is built on top of BlobStash, a content-addressed blob store to ensure no data is duplicated.

Store your notes and your important files

Write notes directly in Markdown, upload all your important files and access them from anywhere.

You can search and view PDF files directly in the web interface.


Blobs will cost $60 per year, for unlimited updates and a read-only access to the private git repository on GitHub.

If Blobs does not meet your needs, within 14-days of your purchase date, you can ask for a 100% refund.

Easy to Install

Blobs fits in a single binary with no complex dependency (written in Go).

Go back in time

Keep a complete history of all your changes.

Restore an older version in 1 click.

Fully Searchable

All your files are indexed locally (even PDF files) and ready to be searched.